Psalm 105:1-2

Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done. Sing to Him, sing praise to Him; tell of all His wonderful acts.

God displays his glory through signs and wonders, answers to prayer and giving us the courage to step out.
It is important to acknowledge and give thanks for all the blessings he showers on us.
God is interested in every part of our lives.
Here are some of our God stories…

From R.M November 2019

It has suddenly hit me that a whole load of seeds that the Lord had planted in me 10 years ago have now started to come to fruition.
Recently, I gave a short talk in Children’s Church from the book of Ephesians about praying for people in the church to know God better. This is the same book of the bible that the student worker opened-up to me as one of his students at Central Baptist Church, Dundee, 10 years ago.

I am currently co-leading the introduction to apologetics course.  I first encountered amazing foundational, rational reasons to believe in Jesus Christ 10 years ago – at a Ravi Zacharias Trust conference in Manchester. The person taking the group of students from Dundee to the event was a local minister and passionate evangelist with a heart for equipping young people to share the gospel.
For years I had wanted pass on the baton. Opportunities almost seemed like a distant mirage. It was very frustrating. After a lot of changes of character and circumstances, I now find myself in season serving in The Bridge Church doing what I’d desired to do all along.
Praise the Lord for the people he uses to shape our lives. We might not see fruit in our own or someone else’s life for years. I longed to pass on what these two men gave me, but it was only in God’s timing that I was able to do so.

Rory Martin

From E.S June 2019


I didn’t grow up in a Christian environment and by the time I became a Christian I felt like I was not worth much, unlovable and damaged goods. Being a part of the Christian community helped as did meeting and marrying John. I also know what the bible said about who I am. In spite of this every so often something would trigger all those feelings of being worthless and of no value to anyone. About 2002 Christine Aguilera issued a song called You are beautiful no matter what they say. I heard it occasionally driving to work and it made me cry and I would ask God to help me and remind myself of the truth.  I know it was the truth but didn’t feel like it. Later that year we had a women’s meeting and Becky had been prompted to play the song. She prayed with me and God healed me. I have such a certainty now of the unconditional love I have from God and how valued I am by him.

From K. May 2019

People say that you don’t know how much you will miss something until you lose it.  The same can be said about finding things. I didn’t know how much I needed Jesus until I found him.  My ‘official’ journey towards finding faith started just over 2 years ago but in reality I’ve been on this journey my whole life as God’s plan was obviously for me to take a more scenic route to find him.   So back to the ‘official’ journey story…  Two years ago I was pregnant with my son Reuben, at that point I wasn’t looking for Jesus, I was just looking for answers.  My husband and his family are all Christians and at the time I was nervous about the expectations that they might place on my son and while I was always accepting of their religion, I didn’t really understand it and I have always been a knowledge is power type of person.  I found Alpha first time round really helped put my mind at ease and I now know that the prayers and support I received are probably the reason why I have one of the best birth stories I have ever heard. Unfortunately giving birth half way through the course meant that I missed a few sessions so I was really excited when Becky invited me to do the course again at hers and Andy’s home.

Second time around I really feel like I’ve understood and engaged a lot more with the material although some concepts were and still are a bit of a challenge.  One of the reasons why I think I found it easier was my ability to understand the concept of unconditional love something I never truly understood until I had Reu.  The other reason is the fact that Becky and Andy are now people I consider to be friends and friends who I know would never judge me meant that I could ask as many questions as I liked without feeling like an utter plank. That being said try as hard as I could I still couldn’t step off the ledge and take that final leap of faith.  On the Alpha day when Becky offered to pray for me, I felt like I had nothing to lose and everything to gain and I leapt.  Instead of falling off a cliff edge, God raised me up and floated me high over a mountain (the literal feeling I had in my stomach was like going over a speed bump but not coming back down).  The mountain I crossed was one that had built up within me for the last 32 years, it was filled full of self-doubt, fear and anger.  Afterwards I felt lighter, my spirit was lifted and I felt free.  When I became a Christian the truth is nothing changed but everything did.  I am still me, I still enjoy doing the same things, I am just a better version of myself, a more complete version with a renewed sense of purpose that is excited to see what will come next and what God has in store for me as I live my life serving him.

From S.T.R. April 2019

At 18, I was uncertain what to do with my life.I had not made the grades to study Forestry at Edinburgh University. I had looked at about four other options and considered retaking my A levels, to get higher grades for Radiography. I tried all resources. I was a church goer, but I did not know Jesus, as my Saviour. I opened a local newspaper, in 1987 and an advert about studying trees, really spoke to my heart. I love trees. Before I had even seen High Wycombe, I was on the course in my heart. It was 4-5 weeks before the course started.I then moved to High Wycombe and attended the course.

A few years ago. I had a very strong desire to visit Bucks College again and about  2 years ago, I was googling Geoff Livingstone, the Head of department. I couldn’t find the timber department or this man anywhere. A year ago, before The Walk of Witness, I prayed specifically, that God would put me in the path of someone to talk to. Helen and Russell were talking about teaching with a man, this man mentioned he was a Timber Engineering lecturer, now retired. I asked him if he knew Bucks College, in High Wycombe. He said he taught there. I asked him his name. It was Barry Matthews. I told him he had taught me.

So, I found out 31 years after starting that course, that I had a Christian lecturer, who was praying for me. 23 years later I got saved. God has a plan for each one of us, even when we don’t know him. God answers our prayers, even if it takes a while and sometimes we may not even know. Thank you Lord.

From R.M. April 2019

I went through a recent bout of anxiety. This really made me cry out to God in frustration for this needless episode. One evening that week, I slept terribly, but I had a dream. In it, I saw a 3D photo of myself smiling as if posing for a photo. Beside it, were my frustrations, complaints and prayers to God, written in my own handwriting. However, written in someone else’s handwriting, were the words ‘but there is power in the name of Jesus.’ Immediately, the anxiety left me and I was filled with the peace and love of God. The Lord heard my cries, noted my frustrations and complaints, and answered with the power that is in his most loved son, Jesus. God hears and answers the prayers of all his children. He always gets the final word over everything in our lives.

The complete healing of one of our chauffeur drivers who was at death’s door

From A.P. March 2019

“When I heard of this man’s condition from my boss, I felt God say clearly to me ” what are you going to do about this Adrian?”  I felt God wanted me to go and lay hands on this man  immediately in the intensive care unit at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. This I did with much fear and trembling  and kept saying to myself ,” what on earth am I doing, I hardly know the man!” He had been in a coma for three weeks and had not much hope of survival but I spoke int his ear the words of Jesus in Mark 16: 17 & 18. Two days later he sat up in bed and started to take on fluids! He is now back at work with us – praise God!”

From R.B. March 2019

“Monday was a tough day – I was exhausted and full of pain. I managed to get Daniel to school but then came home and had to rest all day. Resting didn’t seem to make much difference but I got through the day and got the boys to their clubs. My the end of the day I was quite frustrated and fed up. Tuesday morning was the same but I couldn’t face being home alone again. I prayed God would give me strength to get to the staff meeting.
At the end of the meeting Barry asked how I was and prayed for me. I gradually felt better – the pain eased and I had more energy. Praise God! I stayed most of the day! God is so good.
There are so many times God has given me supernatural energy and strength – on a Sunday Youth, every Friday night with the Youth to name a few.”

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