God primarily created human kind to bring glory to Himself and to be in relationship with Him. We are also meant to enjoy Him and in so doing, fill the earth with His glory. Scripture tells us that our relationships with one another are to be a reflection of this primary relationship with God and we do this by placing Him at the center. God wants a big family.

Here you will find a collection of sermons, talks and messages on a variety of relational topics, that you may find challenging but are ultimately designed to help us understand the nature of our relationship with the Creator and help us to do better relationships with one another in this broken world.

Encounters with Jesus

People who encountered Jesus

The Attributes of God

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12th July 2015. As we seek to grow in our relationship with God and become more like Him, looking at these attributes will help us.

Speaker: Barry Chiesa,
Series: Encounters with Jesus
Date: July 12, 2015
Download: The Attributes of God
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