The Bridge Church

In and around St Ives, Cambridgeshire

Thank you so much for your prayers, this week all 9 of our guests returned which was fantastic. We were looking at the subject of ‘How can I pray?’ and watched a very powerful Alpha film containing some amazing testimonies. We were able to pray for some of our guests and encouraged them to pray themselves at home this week. Please can you join with us in asking God to reveal himself to our guests as they seek Him this week. It would be amazing they returned next week with their own testimonies of answered prayers.

Next week we will be looking at ‘How and why should we read the Bible?’ Please pray that the Holy Spirit will open the eyes of those attending to see the truth. Pray too for Joy, Sam and Becky who will be leading small groups. Some of our guests have an interesting take on how scripture should be interpreted so a lot of wisdom will be needed during group discussion time.
As always thanks for your support