We had a fantastic time at Alpha this evening with 9 guests. 4 out of the 5 who came last week came back and we were joined by 5 new guests. Please pray that all our guests come back next week. They are all wonderful people who need to experience what it is like to have a personal relationship with Jesus.
A number of our guests have commented that they have a lot of head knowledge but need to experience heart knowledge. Please pray that God will reveal himself to them in a powerful way so that they can have their own relationship with Him.

Next week we will be looking at ‘Why did Jesus Die?’ Pray that God will bring conviction as the gospel is preached. Pray too that Joy, Sam, Russell and myself will be equipped to answer questions that arise as a result of the talk.
We feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful group. Already we feel like friendships are being formed. Please pray for God’s blessing on these new relationships as they develop.
Thank you for standing with us in prayer.


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