Another Alpha course is completed and what a great time we have had. Last night there was a real sense amongst our guests of looking forward to the next stage in their journey of faith. A number of them have said they would like to come to church to ‘give it a go’ so please pray that this would indeed happen. I don’t think any of them want to lose the sense of community they have felt on the course.

God has been so faithful during the past few weeks. He has been at doing a deep work in the lives of our guests and I am really excited about what the future holds. God calls us to make disciples not converts and I am confident that when our guests do give their lives to him they will do so fully understanding what it means to be a follower of Jesus.
Please keep praying for them, it really does make a difference.

Thank you so much for your love, support and prayers over the past few weeks. To those of you who have provided cakes, a huge THANK YOU. They have been delicious and always help to break the ice at the beginning of the evening.

There will be a new Alpha course starting in September so please start praying about who you could invite.


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