We had a fantastic start to Alpha this evening. Five guests came and they all engaged really well. They have compiled a  great list of questions which we will do our best to answer over the next few weeks.

Next week we will be looking at ‘Who is Jesus?’ This is a key talk, looking at the evidence for his existence and what difference this can make to our lives. Please pray that all our guests return. Pray also for those who didn’t make it this week, that they might come along – it’s not too late.
Pray also for Russell, Joy, Sam and myself as we lead the small groups. We need to do this in God’s strength, not our own.
We will be praying for Alpha at the prayer meeting on Wednesday 8.00pm at the church centre. It would be great if you could join us, and if you are at the church during the week don’t forget to take a look at the Alpha prayer board in the main auditorium.
Hope to see you at the prayer meeting,

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