Why Join us?

Although the words member and membership are both found in the New Testament, they are not directly applied to the local church, only the universal church. However, the word fellowship is used of the local church, and expresses the same idea as membership. We believe that God joins people to local churches, and it is important for individuals to express their belief that they are joined to a particular church fellowship, and for the leaders of that church to accept responsibility for that individual.

How do I Join?

Periodically we will run a joining day, where individuals and couples can work through our vision and values with the leadership team. They are given opportunity to thoroughly examine our beliefs, values, vision, and to ask any questions! At the end of the day the individual or couple may request another meeting with one of the leaders to discuss any other questions and their desire to be members.

Need further information?

Click the link opposite to read or download a PDF version of our ‘Why Membership’ booklet. Alternatively, you can call Andy Richards, our lead Elder on: 01480 498801 to discuss any further questions you may have.