Our Church App

We have built an app for smartphones to connect you to the features of the website and help you stay connected. It is available on iOS devices and Android.
It features…

      1. A searchable address list (for logged in users)
      2. The rota
        You can view what jobs they may be involved in this week and subsequents weeks.
      3. Media to listen to
        The latest sermons will be posted each week.
      4. Calendar
        Coming events are shown in list form and you can select future weeks to view too.
      5. Prayer Request
        When you are logged in, you can view prayer requests posted.
      6. Latest News
        Recent blog posts are displayed for reading.
      7. Giving page
        How to give to The Bridge Church – Coming soon.
      8. Bible Reading Plan
        Follow the same Bible Reading plan as others!





To gain full access to all of the features of the App you will need a username and password which is input on the address list tab.

To register, download the App then contact Sarah Barnett at: office@thebridgechurch.co.uk  with your request.

An email will then be sent with your username and password, which you will be able to change.

We hope you enjoy the App.