Who’s Who

Churches stand or fall on their leadership. Bill Hybels wrote: “I believe that the local Church is the hope of the world. I believe to the core of my being that local church leaders have the potential to be the most influential force on planet earth. If they get it and get on with it, churches can be the redemptive centres that Jesus intended them to be.”

So leadership is a big deal. We believe that those with the spiritual gift of leadership must lead!

We are all equal in status before God, so there is no hierarchy of status or title, but those who are called to lead, do just that! We do believe that Scripture restricts the role of eldership to those men that the Holy Spirit has set apart for the task and are recognised by the Church body and apostolic oversight. Elders will stand before God for the Church and are responsible for setting the vision, ensuring right doctrine and for the ministry of the word and prayer. We have a leadership team to help put into practice and manage the vision of the Church. We have leaders for our various ministries and leaders for each of our cell groups.

So without further ado, here’s who’s who!

Our Staff members are…

Andy Richards Andy became an elder of The Bridge Church in the summer of 2003 alongside the then lead elder Andy Moyle who has now been called to plant “The Gateway Church” in Kings Lynn. Andy Richards became lead elder of The Bridge Church in January of 2007 and is excited about the leadership and great gifting that God has brought into the church. Andy believes that God will bring great life change to the people of St Ives, Huntingdon and the surrounding villages by His Holy spirit and The Word of God as they impact the community through Christ’s Glorious Church. Andy is married to Becky and they have two children Hannah and Bethany.
Sarah Barnett Sarah Barnett is one of our part time administrators. She is married to Marcus and they have two children Nick and Dan. Sarah is responsible for the church book keeping, events, the church diary and materials for the children’s work. She is a great support to the team and she works very hard – particularly if we buy her lots of chocolate.
Barry Chiesa Barry was made an elder of the church in 2014 and runs the debt advice centre along with his team of volunteers. Barry also covers several areas of church administration to support the work that Sarah does. Barry is a gifted man who seems to turn his hand to most things (every church needs a Barry). He is married to Ros and they have a daughter Nichola, two sons, Adam and Frank and two grandchildren, William and Jasmine.