These are the prophecies given over the Bridge Church during 2014.

“I was driving into St Ives from Huntingdon and when I reached the traffic lights (at Hill Rise) I saw (at the junction where we turn right to The Ivo School / The Church) stood a huge beast covered in scales. It was like a dragon and I felt alarmed and scared. But, as I looked at the beast, it broke into tens of thousands of pieces (scales) that covered the road, making it impassable. God told me that these were the scales that were falling from the eyes of the people of St Ives.”

Picture of Jesus walking amongst the lampstands.

They were not candlesticks, not a single candle or lamp but a Menorah.

There were hundreds of them and Jesus was lighting them – not with a taper or match but by His

presence as He came near.

The Church carrying the light of Jesus.

We are lights which shine brightly for God, our desire is to glorify God.

We burn like the wicks of oil lamps.

It looks like the wick is burning but it is the oil which burns.

If there is oil then the wick will not burn, but if the oil runs out the wick gets burnt. However bright it burns it won’t affect the wick so long as there is oil.

Saw a long dark tunnel. Cannot see anything

Pitch black.

People lost.

Folk will come across a light, a guiding light.