Our core values

Our Vision for 2023

  • Big Church — resource centre locally and further afield—financially and sharing our gifts and talents.
  • Unity of heart and mind — a challenge from God to build relationships to forge unity. Challenge requires a change in us.
  • Prophecies:
    •  Church to be tested — not over foundation doctrines but those more open to  interpretation. A warning from God. Battleground over unity.                                      
    • Multi-coloured net — made up of many strands weaved together. Different people with different gifts collaborating together to do all God has called us to do. Build relationships within church—different heritages and young and old working together.  
  • Goals—I WISH
    • I         Identify our gifts — using the questionnaire  – and testing them out in a small group. Have you joined a small group and investigated your gifts?
    • W       Welcome — welcoming people and having welcoming facilities eg. new toilets downstairs. Talking to people we don’t know sitting near us in church.
    • I          Investment in the future — pay off the mortgage quickly, extending the church building, giving money away. Investing in both people and facilities.
    • S         Spirit of God — bring the word of God to life on Sundays and in small group—share, words, pictures, visions, dreams.
    • H         Haul in the net — to make the ’big church’. Connect new people with God by running many Alpha courses. 

What part can you play in this vision?

Everyone in the Church family has a big part to play, whether it is joining a small group, welcoming someone you don’t know or sharing a prophetic word. Please also pray and continue to pray, so that these things will happen and the glory of God will be seen in a way that cannot be denied or explained away.