From E.S 2019

I didn’t grow up in a Christian environment and by the time I became a Christian I felt like I was not worth much, unlovable and damaged goods. Being a part of the Christian community helped as did meeting and marrying John. I also know what the bible said about who I am. In spite of this every so often something would trigger all those feelings of being worthless and of no value to anyone. About 2002 Christine Aguilera issued a song called You are beautiful no matter what they say. I heard it occasionally driving to work and it made me cry and I would ask God to help me and remind myself of the truth.  I know it was the truth but didn’t feel like it. Later that year we had a women’s meeting and Becky had been prompted to play the song. She prayed with me and God healed me. I have such a certainty now of the unconditional love I have from God and how valued I am by him.

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