From S.T.R. April 2019

At 18, I was uncertain what to do with my life.I had not made the grades to study Forestry at Edinburgh University. I had looked at about four other options and considered retaking my A levels, to get higher grades for Radiography. I tried all resources. I was a church goer, but I did not know Jesus, as my Saviour. I opened a local newspaper, in 1987 and an advert about studying trees, really spoke to my heart. I love trees. Before I had even seen High Wycombe, I was on the course in my heart. It was 4-5 weeks before the course started.I then moved to High Wycombe and attended the course.

A few years ago. I had a very strong desire to visit Bucks College again and about  2 years ago, I was googling Geoff Livingstone, the Head of department. I couldn’t find the timber department or this man anywhere. A year ago, before The Walk of Witness, I prayed specifically, that God would put me in the path of someone to talk to. Helen and Russell were talking about teaching with a man, this man mentioned he was a Timber Engineering lecturer, now retired. I asked him if he knew Bucks College, in High Wycombe. He said he taught there. I asked him his name. It was Barry Matthews. I told him he had taught me.

So, I found out 31 years after starting that course, that I had a Christian lecturer, who was praying for me. 23 years later I got saved. God has a plan for each one of us, even when we don’t know him. God answers our prayers, even if it takes a while and sometimes we may not even know. Thank you Lord.

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