As you may have heard by now from Facebook or at church there is great news about Mercy Buria.

On her visit to Professor Stebbing in Harley Street last week he said to her that he had never seen such a positive reaction to the chemotherapy….before he had been sure that Mercy was going to die, but now he was certain that she was going to live.

The cancer cells have gone and she is in remission – and this will absolutely continue so long as she takes the medication he prescribes. She will be able to have a reduced dose of chemotherapy, so the side effects will be much less.

To carry on with the medication requires Mercy to come to London and see Professor Stebbing every four months, which is obviously quite an expense. Insurance will pay 80% of the cost of the medication, which is around £1,000 per month.

This is a huge answer to prayer. 

Mercy’s faith and trust in God have shone through over the last few very difficult years and she has touched the lives of many people.

There has also been another answer to prayer regarding Germain, Mercy’s husband. Back at the end of 2015 we prayed as a church that he would no longer need to travel to Somalia with his work, where seven of his colleagues had recently been killed. He now has a new appointment with UNICEF and works in Pakistan the majority of the time – still not the safest place, but a lot safer than Somalia!

Let’s continue to pray for Germain, Mercy and Ethan, their three year old son.

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